Save time and money through effective project management and attain your operational excellence.


Create tasks

Manage tasks and oversee their development

Create tasks in one click, and overview their progress from your office or on the go with our Web and Mobile apps. Additionally, BulldozAIR’s flexibility enables you to organize your or your teams’ tasks chronologically, geographically, by collaborators or by specific themes thus enabling BulldozAIR to fit your own workflow and processes.

Enrich your tasks with visual information

Add visual context to any of your tasks to avoid any miscommunication. Include pictures from your sites to quickly understand the current status of any of your projects and add sketches or other visual cues to replace lengthy and confusing texts.

A simple workflow for an effective oversight of all tasks

BulldozAIR’s intuitive workflow facilitates its adoption among collaborators. Its simple design offers a quick glance at the status of any project without compromising important details, offering its users an accurate and uncluttered view of any project.

Form templates for quick and accurate data input

Streamline your site visits with forms. Create checklists, technical self-assessments, technical audits, inventory lists, among many other important documents and standardize data input across all your projects. Moreover, forms allow you to gather objective data thus, eliminating the potential of misunderstandings in your projects.


Collaborate with others

Clear and detailed timelines for all your tasks

Centralize all your activities in one platform to improve collaboration and achieve great traceability in all your projects. Communicate with clients or delegate tasks to business partners and co-workers with ease, and say goodbye to never-ending email chains. With the timeline, you will be able to follow closely all the activities taking place on your sites in real time thanks to time-stamps, photos, tags and other elements included. They will also help you evaluate work results without the need to visit your site countless times. Moreover, our web and mobile apps enable you access to this information from anywhere.

A role adapted to the degree of responsibility of each stakeholder

Thanks to the role system, BulldozAIR offers its users a seamless way to collaborate while eliminating the risk of disclosing any sensitive information to the wrong person. Roles allow you to moderate the activities of all your collaborators, therefore protecting any confidential information from reaching the wrong individual.

Assign tasks to the appropriate companies and people

Large projects can involve hundreds of collaborators, each with different tasks that constantly change throughout the lifespans of projects. With BulldozAIR, you can now transform the tedious process of task allocation into a one-click process and considerably alleviate the workload of all the managers involved.

Easy creation and management of teams

Working with different teams and contractual partners is very common for projects. For this reason, BulldozAIR offers you a simple interface to build and manage teams directly from the platform, allowing you to assemble workgroups and business units in only a couple of clicks.


Locate your tasks

Find your tasks in seconds

With BulldozAIR, you’ll be able to find and export your tasks in seconds. Sort them by alphabetical order, creation date, last update and task number to organize all your tasks. Filter your tasks using multiple criteria such as title, priority, status, among many others to find precise information about your project without the need to review hundreds of emails.

Locate your tasks directly on your plans

Even small construction projects can involve hundreds of tasks, making their followup complex and time-consuming. To help you better manage them, BulldozAIR allows their users to pin tasks into specific areas in a plan. This way, you will always know exactly where the progress is happening.

Google maps for precise and reliable geolocation

With Google Maps, you will be able to geolocate your tasks, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where they are being carried out. Moreover, if you manage multiple sites at once, you’ll be able to have a complete and detailed panorama of all active work throughout all your different site locations.


Manage your projects

A global overview of all your projects

With BulldozAIR’s dashboard, you’ll be able to supervise closely the performance of business partners or workgroups. Moreover, you’ll also be able to closely monitor the progress of tasks or sites through our intuitive interface.

All your projects at your fingertips, even offline

With BulldozAIR’s mobile platforms for Android and iOS, you can transition from the office to the site seamlessly. Access to key project information directly from your phone or tablet, or input data from the site and resume your activities on your office later on. Moreover, because we understand connectivity can be a challenge on sites, BulldozAIR’s mobile apps work even without wifi or 3G available nearby!

Track progress from start to finish

With the BulldozAIR project management platform, you can control and supervise all your construction projects at any phase. From planning to delivery, BulldozAIR allows you to increase your productivity during each project phase.

Notifications on all your devices

You will never miss another update in your projects thanks to BulldozAIR. With notification options across their Web and Mobile platforms, you will be able to get notified every time progress is made. Therefore, eliminating the risk of mistakes and delays due to oversights.

Project duplication for effective and scalable processes

Thanks to BulldozAIR, you will save significant time on the setup of new projects. BulldozAIR allows you to duplicate your project’s tasks, plans, documents, tags, and workgroups while maintaining the hierarchical organization within each one of these items. Create template projects and duplicate them to harmonize the organization of all your projects, standardize your processes to enhance your productivity, and take advantage of the best practices used in your organization.

Email summaries to always be up to date

BulldozAIR understands that sometimes email is unavoidable. For this reason, it offers you the option to received periodical summaries of all the activities occurring on your sites to your email, so you always have a clear overview of the progress of each of your projects and reduce mistakes, potential reworks and delays.


Generate reports

Instant report generation

With BulldozAIR, you’ll be able to automate the redaction of reports and generate them in only a couple of seconds, granting you clear and standardized information while offering you more time to focus on the tasks that add real value to your objectives.

Any kind of report

BulldozAIR enables your business to automate the reporting process for better productivity. Automation of reports will also facilitate to establish a unique standard for reporting across your organization to ensure effective communication across all collaborators. The types of reports (available in PDF, Microsoft Word, and CSV) include:

  • Complete: Includes all information
  • Summary: Allows you to pick only relevant information
  • Forms: Includes all form responses
  • CSV: Allows you to export tabular data
  • Complete customization: Work with our team to develop the type of report that best adapts to your needs

Our features :

Centralize information

Unlimited tasks

BulldozAIR is ready to collect all the information you need.

Integrate visuals

Gather photos, sketches and plans in your every task.

Add documentation

Upload any technical file needed for your projects.

Precise time frame

Add due dates to your tasks to keep your projects on time.

Organize your projects

Labels & filters

Classify, order and filter your tasks with labels.

Tag your tasks

Add tags to access to a set of related tasks immediately.

Prioritize tasks

Rank your tasks from “to be done” to “top priority”.

Give status

Let your team know the status of your tasks: to do, pending, finish.

Collaborate efficiently

Share your tasks

Share your tasks instantly with your team.

Assign tasks

Assign task to your team and collaborators with one click.

Get notified

Be notified with the newest updates of the project.

Export reports

Generates Word or PDF reports easily.

And also :

Use from anywhere

Back-up cloud

Save and back-up your data directly in the cloud.

Work off-line

Access your data and edit your projects off-line.

Use multiple device

Use BulldozAIR on any of your favorite devices!

Handle multiple platforms

BulldozAIR provides Android, iOS, and Web access.

Administrate easily

Users management

Control who can access, read and edit your tasks.

Privacy control

Privacy is guaranteed by encrypted data base.

Activity dashboard

Overview all your projects on your activity dashboard.

Timeline track

Track back all problems and actions on your projects.

Adopt BulldozAIR and reach operational excellence.
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