How BulldozAIR works

Discover our solution in only 5 steps:

Take pictures and draw

Pictures collected on site are the easiest way to understand what’s happening on site.
Sketches and arrows enable you to replace huge quantities of text by a simple and clear visual task.

BulldozAIR iPad
BulldozAIR iPad

Add context to create tasks

Each time you add a picture or an observation about a topic, we build a timeline for you to track the evolution of the problem you spotted until it’s resolution.
Each picture or text is tracked so you know who did what.


Localize your notes

Your notes can be localized indoor or outdoor.
Field teams save time by finding every issue on site very easily.
Indoor localisation works on PDF or images plans, and outdoor works on Google Maps.

BulldozAIR iPad
BulldozAIR iPad

Monitor your projects

Visual reports offer a real time picture of your projects.
List of tasks are delivered automatically to your teams inbox.


Generate customized reports

BulldozAIR generates reports in Microsoft Word, excel and PDF.
You can customize your reports in many ways : size, order, filters…

BulldozAIR iPad

Our features :

Centralize information

Unlimited tasks and notes

BulldozAIR is ready to collect all the information you need.

Integrate visuals

Gather photos, sketches and plans in your every note.

Add documentation

Upload any technical file needed for your projects.

Precise time frame

Add due dates to your notes to keep your projects in time.

Organize your projects

Labels & filters

Classify, order and filter your notes with labels.

Tag your notes

Add tags to access to a set of related notes immediately.

Prioritize tasks

Rank your tasks from “to be done” to “top priority”.

Give status

Let your team know the status of your tasks: to do, pending, finish.

Collaborate efficiently

Share your notes

Share your notes instantly with your team.

Assign tasks

Assign task to your team and collaborators with one click.

Get notified

Be notified with the newest updates of the project.

Export reports

Generates Word or PDF reports easily.

And also :

Use from anywhere

Back-up cloud

Save and back-up your data directly in the cloud.

Work off-line

Access your data and edit your projects off-line.

Use multiple device

Use BulldozAIR on any of your favorite devices !

Handle multiple platforms

BulldozAIR provides Android, iOS, and Web access.

Administrate easily

Users management

Control who can access, read and edit your notes.

Privacy control

Privacy is guaranteed by encrypted data base.

Activity dashboard

Overview all your projects on your activity dashboard.

Timeline track

Track back all problems and actions on your projects.

Adopt BulldozAIR and reach operational excellence.
Easy to set up, no credit card required.