Great team with construction & software expertise

BulldozAIR is built by active construction and software engineers. Because we understand the way your things work in the field.
Ali El Hariri and Maxence Lerigner



Construction engineer graduate of ESTP Paris (School of Civil Engineering). Before launching BulldozAIR, Ali was managing projects at Bouygues for 7 years while studying digitalization for teams working on the field.

Maxence Lerigner


Software engineer graduate of the EFREI (French School of Informatics). Maxence is an Apple Certified Associate and has been developing mobile apps for the last 7 years  in various industries. His expertise puts him in charge of all BulldozAIR ‘s technical  facets.

Eloi Dosdat

Enterprise Sales Manager

Patricia Correa Villoslado

Content Marketing Manager

Thibaud Roudier

Lead Software Developer

Jules Masson

Head of Account Management

Philipe Calaci

Software Developer - Lead Android

Thomas Lesachey

Head of Sales

Matthew Dingley

Lead Front-end Developer & Product

Pierre Gilles Leymarie

Software Developer - Web Backend

Tom-Victor Denat

Account Manager

Nicolas Hauton

Account Manager

Stephane Labrousse

Head of Partnerships

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