Control your projects simply

Save time at each step, anticipate your actions and be serene as the work progresses.

A solution for every industry

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Manage your teams and projects efficiently

Centralise information for better visibility of the worksite and keep track of decisions for perfect supervision of interventions.

Take notes in the field.  The reporting is done in the same way

Collect your data during your site monitoring, your OPA or your quality controls.  The formatting and sending of your reports, reports and forms are automatically triggered.  All you must do is keep track of your teams.

Collaborate with your teams confidently and in real time

Share updated documents and plans with stakeholders.  Benefit from live feedback from the field.  Have a common vision of the project so that you can move forward without misunderstandings and in a methodical way.

Why Bulldozair ?

Centralise all your processes on one all-in-one tool

Invite your employees to the tool. Share your information and deadlines. In this way, all stakeholders align themselves on one and the same vision.

Use our documentary collaboration

Put online and share your documents, plans and files in pdf or dwg with your employees. Accessible and readable from your smartphone or tablet.

Automate reviews and reporting

Configure your alerts, reviews, and reporting on your project, and notify teams automatically. Then follow up on interventions.

Export all your documents at any time

Find your data in a few clicks. Download, export or send your documents at any time (reports, plans, documents, photos, database...).

BulldozAir accompanies you in the field

All your building sites within easy reach. Download our app available on Google Play Store and the Appstore to continue using Bulldozair.

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