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The players in the transport sector who equip themselves with a project management tool such as BulldozAIR can centralise the information and documents of their work on a single medium and finally obtain a global view of all their projects. In addition to its role as a project monitoring facilitator, the platform standardises practices and automates the traceability of operations.
Ali, CEO

Why Bulldozair?

Coordination of project stakeholders

View all your projects

Access all your projects in real time via a synthetic view. And zoom in on a blocking point if necessary.

Plan your project

Organize tasks and milestone dates and assign them to the various stakeholders. Monitor progress and be alerted if there is a risk of slippage.

Coordinate your teams

Easily collaborate with MOA, PM and sub-contracted teams who can share information, without a connection, between the office and site.

Follow-up of execution

Report irregularities

Quickly identify any irregularities in the application by adding comments, photos, checklists, plans.

Generate automatic reports

Automate the generation and distribution of your reviews and visit reports. Customise these reports with your own colours.

Improve traceability

Secure your projects by keeping the history of all exchanges and actions. Retrieve the inspections of a work carried out at a specific date or period.

A helping hand in all phases of your project

Bulldozair accompanies you from start to finish.

  • 01Taking up & preparation

    • Follow-up of tasks
    • Site audit
    • + 2 autres
  • 02Design

    • Documentary collaboration
    • Follow-up of visas
    • + 2 autres
  • 03Execution

    • Worksite supervision
    • Site observations
    • + 8 autres
  • 04Reception and delivery

    • Reserves and OPA list
    • Distribution
    • + 3 autres
  • 05Exploitation

    • Follow-up of tasks
    • Asset review
    • + 1 autre

And useful for all those involved in your projects

We develop our tool so that it meets the needs of your projects, but also those of all your collaborators.

What Isabelle Garcia of SNCF Gares et Connexions thinks

They already use Bulldozair

Tram 3

Tram 3

Line 15 – Paris subway

Line 15 – Paris subway

Renovation of Gare de Lyon

Renovation of Gare de Lyon

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