Document collaboration

  • Make sure that the teams have the right versions of the plans.
  • Easy access to all documentation wherever you are
  • Collaborate effectively with your teams

When should I use documentary collaboration via Bulldozair?

Our all-in-one application is a document repository space for project stakeholders, with access rights, accessible from the field or office.  It is particularly useful for sharing construction site plans or contract files for a developer.

Drag, drop, and share your documents in just a few clicks

Plans, including DWG, are automatically converted, and distributed to the field teams.

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Work with the right plan clues

Avoid the risk of operational errors. Teams are alerted without being spammed when a document is added and access it via a centralised location.

Share the project documents serenely

Teams are invited to read the documentation, but you control the simple access rights.

A solution for every industry

Find out how different sectors use Bulldozair.

We already support more than 236 companies

"It is a major challenge for our industrial companies to be able to dematerialise, simplify the process, and have unified, firm, high-quality information, at the same time and for all the players in a project. BulldozAIR is truly one of those who know how to do it".

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