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Large-scale distribution


Signs & point of sale networks

Shopping centres

Retail chains and other players in the retail sector who equip themselves with a project management tool such as BulldozAIR can centralise the information and documents of their work on a single medium and finally obtain a global view of all their projects. In addition to its role as a project monitoring facilitator, the platform standardises practices and automates the traceability of operations.
Ali, CEO

Why Bulldozair ?

Follow-up of the execution of new works & renovations

Organise and plan your project

Prepare in advance and then assign tasks and documents to the various people involved.

Pilot your dashboard

Manage the progress of your projects and monitor indicators (quality and deadlines) in real time.

Generate reports

Automate the generation of customised reports to ensure traceability.

Review of assets and costing of works

Collect data

Use forms, photos, or comments in the field, even without a network.

Create your documentation

Transform and distribute your digital forms into visit sheets (in PDF and Excel).

Budget better

Use centralised data to forecast the development budget for your entire asset base.

A helping hand in all phases of your project

Bulldozair accompanies you from start to finish.

  • 01Taking up & preparation

    • Follow-up of tasks
    • Site audit
    • + 2 autres
  • 02Design

    • Documentary collaboration
    • Follow-up of visas
    • + 2 autres
  • 03Execution

    • Worksite supervision
    • Site observations
    • + 8 autres
  • 04Reception and delivery

    • Reserves and OPA list
    • Distribution
    • + 3 autres
  • 05Exploitation

    • Follow-up of tasks
    • Asset review
    • + 1 autre

And useful for all those involved in your projects

We develop our tool so that it meets the needs of your projects, but also those of all your collaborators.

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Groupe ADP
Charles de Gaulle mall

Charles de Gaulle mall

Construction of the Carrefour Market in Montreuil

Construction of the Carrefour Market in Montreuil

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