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Set priorities for your notes

Priorities let you signal the importance of each note for a better organization and communication between participants. Add up to 6 different levels of urgency to your notes, ranging from low up to high priority.

  1. To add priorities, select “Priority” on the top of the screen
  2. Tap the appropriate priority to assign to your note to finalize
  1. Access your note by tapping the note
  2. Tap “priority” on the left side of the app
  3. Select the level of priority ranging from 1 up to 6, then tap “OK”
  1. Click on the note to open it
  2. Select the flag icon on the upper right corner of the note
  3. Select the desired priority

With the feature of priorities, make sure all your collaborators know which tasks are critical for your site and enhance your task allocation to never experience another delay!