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Project settings

This training session addresses the main stages of project creation on BulldozAIR. You will learn how to create a BulldozAIR account, then a project as well as invitations to collaborate with others in the application. You will also learn how to create the document tree and the tags needed for an optimal use of BulldozAIR.


Collecting information on the field

This training session includes all the tools available for the gathering of information from your tablet or smartphone within the BulldozAIR application.* You will learn to master the creation of notes, the central element of the tool.


Information search and the export of reports

This training session concerns the tools for information retrieval and export of data in BulldozAIR. You will learn how to easily find information that you need or want to see, particularly through the use of notifications and filters. You will also observe how to create reports of visits and punch lists automatically using the application.

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