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Organize tasks by dates, zones, collaborators and more

BulldozAIR was built with you in mind. This is the reason behind why we create a solution that adapts to our users’ workflow seamlessly. By using BulldozAIR’s organization and sorting tools, you will be able to group notes to find, track and evaluate the progress and quality of all the works on your site. The flexible nature of our platform offers all users the option to set up their own customized organization of notes in BulldozAIR, offering them the most efficient way to overview projects and follow the progress of each site in real time.

With the organizational tools of BulldozAIR, you will be able to group all your tasks by themes and oversee detailed processes during control plans, quickly spot expired deadlines, better manage your time by efficiently planning your tasks for the week ahead, master meetings with contractors using the weekly view of your project’s tasks, among many more uses that will save you time and effort.

The organization of tasks by themes enables you to group your notes by:

  • Tags: group tasks by keywords that summarize processes, phases or any other key information of your project
  • Users: group tasks by the users involved in the project
  • Groups: group tasks by work groups intervening in your project
  • Zones: group tasks by zones in your project
  • Dates: group tasks by date of creation, date of the last update, date it is due and date it was done

To group your notes by themes:

  1. Go to the project containing the tasks you want to group and organize
  2. Select the “group” icon located in the white toolbar
  3. Select the category by which you want to group your tasks
  4. To undo the grouping of your notes simply select “None” placed on the bottom of the list under the “group” icon


You can combine this feature with filters to quickly access very specific information about your project in only a matter of seconds. You can click here to find out more about how filters work at BulldozAIR.

  • In Android, you can’t group notes by themes but you can organize them by alphabetical order, creation date, last update and note number. You can click here to learn more about this feature
  • In iOS, you can’t group notes by themes but you can organize them by alphabetical order, dates and note number. You can click here to learn more about this feature

Find specific information about your projects in only a couple of seconds and boost your productivity instantly. Stop wasting important work hours looking for information and documents under mountains of emails and documents and use BulldozAIR to attain operational excellence.

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