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What access do I need to use BulldozAIR?

The access required by BulldozAIR is allowed by default but may have been intentionally blocked by your company. You may check with your CIO if BulldozAIR has the necessary permissions to function properly.

You can find next a non-exhaustive list of elements to verify:

  • Possibility to connect to internet through a WIFI or 3G/4G connection
  • Authorization of the following domain names
    • http://www.bulldozair.com
    • https://www.bulldozair.com
    • http://app.bulldozair.com
    • https://app.bulldozair.com
    • http://reports1.bulldozair.com
    • https://reports1.bulldozair.com
    • http://backend-prod2.bulldozair.com
    • https://backend-prod2.bulldozair.com
    • http://bulldozairprod1.blob.core.windows.net
    • https://bulldozairprod1.blob.core.windows.net
    • http://bulldozairtilesprod1.blob.core.windows.net
    • https://bulldozairtilesprod1.blob.core.windows.net
  • Port blocking on the above domain names and specifically on ports 80, 443, and 5300.
  • Absence of proxy parameters which may stop communication from the apps.
  • Specific blocking from the antivirus or firewall.
  • Writing permissions on tablets or smartphones.
  • Access to the Application Store (Android, iOS) and to regular updates

A simple and effective way to check these points is to install BulldozAIR on a tablet and try to synchronize from your WIFI network. If the synchronization proceeds correctly, you do not have any particular blocking a priori. The BulldozAIR team is at your disposal to study with you these points according to the specificities of your computer network.