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How can I collaborate with others?

BulldozAIR allows you to share your notes with as many users as you want. Nonetheless, it is you who decides the level of interaction allowed. To make your life simpler, BulldozAIR has created roles with fixed authorization levels for easy sharing and task allocation.

  • Viewer: People assigned as viewers can only view notes and read plans, documents or tags.
  • Reporter: Apart from performing all the actions that viewers can, reporters can also change the status of a note.
  • Collaborator: They are able to perform all the activities reporters can, additionally, they can also create and add content to notes, as well as create and edit plans, documents or tags in each project.
  • Administrator: They can perform all the actions collaborators can, moreover, they also have access to user administration which allows them to add or remove users and change roles from other participants.
  • Owner: As indicated by the name, owners do not have any restriction regarding their project. This role is the only one that can choose a project administrator.

BulldozAIR is all about collaboration, invite new users and improve how you communicate with others on the field!

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