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Get more productive with the Dashboard

The dashboard is a powerful tool to keep a close eye on all of your projects. It allows users to access, with one glance, critical information from their projects. It provides them with concise but crucial information that construction professionals can use to make the right decisions for their sites. Whether it is spotting problems or correctly allocating work, the dashboard is an essential tool for accurate project management. Quickly discover the progress of your work regarding plans, tags, users or groups, or carefully monitor the total numbers of notes by status. You can even choose to focus on an individual project and observe its development closely or access a generalized overview of the ensemble of the projects whenever you need.

  1. Sign-in to BulldozAIR
  2. Select “DASHBOARD” next to “MY PROJECTS” on top of the screen
  3. If you want to focus on one project, select the arrow icon next to “You can filter your dashboard by choosing a project” to display the list of all your projects
  4. Select the appropriate project to display a summary of its progression organized by Tags, Zones, Users and Groups
Only available on the WebApp
Only available on the WebApp

With the Dashboard, you will be able to monitor your site accurately and never miss an issue ever again.

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