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What are notes?

A note will help you create tasks and exchange information with others. They are a very important communication tool and a key element in BulldozAIR. Notes can contain the next elements:

  • Observations: All comments or feedback regarding a note
  • Pictures: Take new pictures or choose any existing image from your gallery
  • Plans: Add plans in PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF or A1 format files. You can even link general notes or localized notes in your project’s plan
  • Positions: Add geolocated positions in your notes
  • Priorities: Add up to 6 different levels of urgency to your notes, ranging from low up to high priority
  • Calendars: Communicate when a note was spot on, when it is due on and even when it was done or finalized
  • Files: Add documents in PDF, WORD, EXCEL, VIDEO, AUTOCAD, PROJECT MICROSOFT, etc.
  • Tags: Organize documents, notes and plans with keywords for rapid access to information
  • Statuses: Show the development of your project with “To do”, “Submitted” or “Done” statuses

Using notes will help you collaborate more efficiently with others and optimize your time to its maximum.

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